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Accredited specialty infusion pharmacy services.

specialty infusion pharmacy services.

Home Infusion Therapy Services
Home and alternate-site infusion therapy, backed by an accredited infusion pharmacy.

What is Home Infusion Therapy?

Our home infusion therapies combine the services of an accredited home infusion pharmacy provider with skilled, caring infusion nursing professionals. This experienced team provides your intravenous infusion therapy and specialty injection medications safely and effectively in the comfort of your own home. Home infusion therapy got started in the early 1980’s when new medical technologies made it possible for patients to receive their intravenous medications at home, without a costly hospital visit.

Advantages to Home Infusion:

  • Continuity of care from hospital to home
  • Clinical monitoring by experienced professionals
  • Patient and caregiver can resume most daily activities
  • Decreased need for hospitalization and associated costs
  • Clinical education and active participation in the recovery process

Outpatient Infusion Centers

Today, adding even more convenience, CarePoint Partners offers patients the option of simply visiting one of our Alternate-site Infusion Centers (AIC) to receive infusion therapy treatments. We’ve designed comfortable, private treatment rooms, staffed by friendly, caring clinicians who know how to make you well and welcome.

By working closely with your doctor, nurses, and family, CarePoint Partners delivers a cost-effective infusion therapy solution that maintains the highest quality of care 24/7 and ensures the right treatment plan.