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Trust in the care we provide.

in the care we provide.

A company-wide commitment to fulfilling our ethical and legal responsibilities.

The CarePoint Partners compliance program reflects its ongoing, company-wide commitment to delivering the highest quality of care while meeting all ethical and legal responsibilities. This comprehensive commitment is further reflected in the CarePoint Partners Code of Conduct which all board members, executives, management, employees, vendors and other contractors are required to review at least once a year.


Those with questions or concerns regarding compliance are encouraged to call our Compliance Officer, Drew Botschner, or our confidential toll-free Compliance Hotline.

Compliance Hotline: 1.855.350.9395
Compliance Department: 1.513.891.6666

Debi Hinson

Andrew (Drew) Botschner
General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer
phone 1.770.670.1268