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Accredited specialty infusion pharmacy services.

Advanced treatments
and new antibiotic infusion therapies.

Home and alternate-site infusion therapy, backed by an accredited infusion pharmacy.

What Is Antibiotic Infusion Therapy?

As the success associated with transitioning patients from acute care facilities to the home care setting evolved, so did the typical patient receiving antibiotic infusion therapy. While some patients still complete long courses of home intravenous antibiotic therapy for invasive bacterial diseases, many patients are in need of only short courses of at home antibiotic infusion, possibly less than a week.

Advancements made in the areas of oncology, cystic fibrosis (CF), and organ and stem cell transplantation have also changed the face of at home antibiotic therapy. We’ve seen HIV and AIDS become treatable with intravenous antibiotic therapy as well, requiring our home infusion pharmacists to stay abreast of advancements in antifungal and antiviral therapies. As bacterial, fungal and viral resistance continues to increase in prevalence, the CarePoint Partners Home Infusion Therapy program stays abreast of the latest developments and new antibiotic infusion therapies.

If you feel you could benefit by at home or alternate-site infusion therapy for your antibiotic treatments, contact CarePoint Partners or your physician and discuss the options available to you.